Cyber Monday

Celebrate Cyber Monday with us!  Like you, we have been busy getting ready for the holidays.  One of our favorite projects has been this advent calendar.  It is easy to get so caught up in our preparations for Christmas, that we forget to really celebrate what the season is all about.  This project is designed to remind us every day in December where our focus should really be.  It is a visual reminder for us, but it can be much more than that if we want.  I will show you how…

Cyber Monday

December is a wonderful month.  So many fun activities are happening, Christmas parties, school plays, church activities, gift buying and wrapping, etc, etc.  The list goes on and on.  It can consume us and our families.  Use this advent calendar to refocus your thoughts and your families.  Make a list of 25 things that will remind you and your family of the precious Gift we were given on that first Christmas night.  It can be a Scripture, a random act of kindness to complete, a song to sing, etc.  Assign an activity for each day and write it on the back of that day’s paper.  If you would like to include the kids each day, write the activities on slips of paper and have them draw one, then record it on the back of that day’s paper.

You would pay over $40 just to purchase the paper packs to create this project.  Then you would have to measure and cut each piece.  We have done that work for you, and are offering this today, as a kit, for an incredible price.  We have a limited number of these available as a kit.  They include the paper and the binder rings needed.  For assembly you will need adhesive and a hole punch.  The numbers can either be stamped, hand written, or die cut.  We used the Number of Years stamp set for our project.

This advent calendar is useful and cute!  If you would like to use this tool to help you celebrate the season in style, simply click the link below!  

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