Studio Clean Up Continues!

The studio clean up is not over!  As promised yesterday, I am continuing to share items I made from a recent purge of clutter from my studio.  I tend to hang on to every small piece of cute paper that I have.  My intentions are always good — that some day it will be used on the PERFECT project.  In actuality all that happens, is my paper storage gets too full!  So I am trying to use all that beautiful paper that I have instead of hoarding it. #goals

The projects for today are a little bit of an embarrassment.  I didn’t realize I had items quite this old waiting to be used.  They were items from a Stampin’ Up event that I attended in 2011.  The projects didn’t get completed at the time, but I don’t remember why.   And I certainly don’t remember what exactly they were supposed to look like. I just made my own cards from them, because the stamp sets that were supposed to be used have long since retired.

Studio Clean Up Studio Clean Up

Although I am disappointed with myself for letting this product sit in the bottom of a cabinet for 7 years, I am happy with the cards that I created out of them.  🙂

Tomorrow we are taking a break from the spring cleaning posts.  I have something else to share with you.  But on Thursday we’ll finish up this series.  I hope, if nothing else, this inspires you to use the paper that you buy.  Don’t save it for “someday”, use it now!  That’s my new plan. 🙂

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