Why Now is the Best Time of the Year to Start Your Own Business

Have you ever wanted to work for yourself?  Being your own boss sounds fun, but actually starting your own business might seem intimidating and scary.  I want to share with you why NOW is the best time of the year to start your own business.

My Top 5…

  1. Its January.  Now that might seem silly, but for whatever reason, we like to take on new things at the beginning of the new year.
  2. It is Sale-A-Bration. This is always a great time to join the Stampin’ Up team because they offer something extra for new recruits.  This year, however, they have sweetened the deal with an extra option.  Check this out…
  3. No matter which of these 2 options you choose, you will get more product for your money by signing up now.  With this deal, you will easily have the supplies necessary to have your first workshop or a class!
  4. Very little risk is involved.  This point is closely tied to the previous one.  At most, you’re out $129.  It isn’t a huge risk, and, as stated in the previous point, you will have ALL the supplies  you need to begin making that investment back and earning a profit.
  5. It is Sale-A-Bration.  I know, that was point #2 also, but it is certainly worth repeating!  During Sale-A-Bration everyone earns a FREE item for every $50 they spend.  And FREE stuff is a really good motivator for your customers.  This offer can help your business be profitable almost immediately.
  6. Sharing what you love.  This is probably my favorite reason, any time of year, to own this type of business.  Its easy to share the excitement of something you love.  Your passion is contagious.  Talking about what you do will come naturally, and will allow you to invite people to come and stamp with you.

My team is growing, and I would love to have you join us!  If you are interested in turning your hobby into a profit making venture, I would be happy to talk to you about that.  Contact me today and I will answer any questions you have!

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