What Inspires You?

What inspires you?  Sometimes I am inspired by a color combination or a pattern I see.  It can come from packaging in my kitchen or a rug in someone’s living room.  I see these things and imagine how I can reproduce them on a card.

Lately though, my cards have been inspired by Scripture.  I read the verse of the day on my Bible app one day and had an idea for a card, so I made it.  I enjoyed that so much that I did it again the next day and the next.  It has become sort of a challenge for me now.  The verses, so far, have been fairly easy to translate into a greeting card.  I know that won’t always be the case.  It is like a puzzle, and I have to figure out how the pieces go together.  If you know me, you know I love puzzles… and I love Scripture!  So this has been a lot of fun for me too.  My next challenge will be to actually give these cards away and not store them in a box!  (I am working on improving this!)  Here are some of the cards I have created…

I hope you are inspired by Scripture too.  Even if you don’t choose to translate it into a greeting card, I hope that you are reading the verse of the day and looking for ways to apply the truth in your life.  If you’d like to join me in this verse of the day card challenge, please let me know and share your projects with us so we can be inspired too!

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