The Perfect Card

The perfect card doesn’t exist.  Well, nothing is perfect, right?  But this card started out far from perfect.  In fact it was the opposite.  It was a mistake—a throw away, really.  I was working on this card that we did in the Flowering Desert Class.

the perfect card

But I created a flower and it seemed all wrong.  Too many petals, not equally spaced.  It wasn’t what I was going for.  So I tossed it aside and tried again.  Days later I was sitting at my desk talking on the phone.  I grabbed this flower and started doodling on it with a black pen.  I liked the way that it was looking, so added some more doodles.  Then, I decided to try cutting it out and placing it on a piece of Basic Black cardstock.  This card was the result.

the perfect card

I LOVE the way it turned out.  It might be the perfect card!  Well, nearly anyway.  Now, I can honestly say that most of the time when I try to “save” something that I have messed up, it usually ends up in the trash.  Even when I try to fix it, I am typically NOT pleased.  This time was different.  I love the flower and this card makes me happy!

In a very small way this is what God does with our broken and messed up lives when we turn them over to him.  He doesn’t make them perfect, but he does re-work them into something beautiful and new, like my card.  The miracles he works are far more impressive and they have eternal impacts.  How awesome is that?  I hope you have experienced this for yourself.

If you have the Flowering Desert stamp set, I would highly encourage you to try this doodle technique.  Just use the large cactus-piece stamped in a circle to make the petals.  Then begin doodling and see how your’s turns out.  I hope you make “the perfect card” too.


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