On the Road Again…

We will be leaving today for a gymnastics meet in Kansas City. Andrew competes tomorrow evening. During meet season we seem to travel every other weekend or so. It never gets old though, because we so enjoy watching our boy do his thing! Thought I would share some pictures with you from his last meet. I created this page with My Digital Studio. It took me about 20 minutes, maybe less. I know every time I use it I go on & on about how much I love it, but I do. So easy to use & with great results.

Hope you are blessed today! And if so, remember to give God the glory for it.

A Blessing A Day

February is fast approaching. Since one of the holidays we celebrate this month is associated with love, I decided to make it a theme for the entire month. I am going to make something each day to send or give away to bless someone & let them know they are loved. I could start now & be ahead of the game, but I want to challenge myself to create everyday in February. You have a couple of days to think about it, maybe you’d like to join me? If you don’t want a daily commitment, you could make it a weekly challenge. The point is to look for ways to bless others. If you decide to join me, leave a comment and let me know.

Catching Up

I held a card class on Monday evening and I wanted to share with you the fun projects we made. Here are some pictures.

The first project is a birthday card made using the new stamp set Build a Blossom along with the coordinating punch. This is how we made the flame for the candles. I love being able to use my punches & stamp sets in unique ways.

The next project uses the same stamp set & punch in an ordinary way, but with extraordinary results. This set makes creating beautiful flowers easy! We used our flowers to decorate some yummy chocolate treats for Valentines Day. A personal greeting was added to the back of our flowers using the white gel pen.

Lastly we made an elegant Valentine card. This project was fairly simple, but had lots of details. We used the big shot die cut machine to cut & to emboss on this card. And we used several different stamp sets & punches.
Hope you have the opportunity this week to bless someone with something you’ve made, or done, or said…just be a blessing!

A Creative Mess

This weekend I am teaching a friend a little about scrapbooking. They have tons of newspaper articles that have been saved from their children’s activites. These date from 1996 to 2010 and include honor roll announcements, school plays, sports, etc. etc, even a wedding announcement. Here’s a picture of the mess on my dining room table.

We have sorted them all by year and are in the process of trimming, scanning, printing. Then we’ll have the daunting task of mounting them all on paper and putting them in an album. Did I mention that my friend is a newbie at this craft? He called me from Hobby Lobby with questions about paper, album choices, adhesives—you can imagine. And that is not a misprint, my friend is a HE! Although I don’t think he’ll be coming to my next card class, I hope that he enjoys reliving the memories as he sorts, and the finished product when its finally done.

Including newspaper clippings in scrapbooks can be kind of tricky because of the acid in the paper. You can purchase a neutralizing spray to treat the clipping with so that your pictures and other paper are protected. It will also help to prevent the clipping from yellowing as quickly. The other option is to scan the articles and print them on archival safe paper.

My friend is scanning most of his articles. The ones that take up a full newsprint page are going to be treated with a neutralizing spray and included in a pocket page. But we are also going to take pictures of the page & focus on the area that talks about his son. Maybe he’ll let me share some of the finished pages with you once the project is done. We’ll see at that point if he allows me to print his name or wants to remain anonymous. 🙂

Snow Day!

I love snow. That’s really my only complaint about living in Arkansas—not enough snow! So even a small amount brings joy. It is snowing like crazy at my house right now 🙂 I just had to go out and get a picture. This is when the snow had just started. Hopefully we’ll get a sizeable amount, or at least enough to make snow cream!

After I took my pic, I decided to share it with you on a page I made using My Digital Studio. It is such an easy scrapbooking tool! Pages come together much quicker for me digitally than otherwise. I know some of you really want that Scrapbook to hold in your hand…and I like that too for some projects. But I find creating digital scrapbooks allows my pictures to find a home faster. I can always print or have them printed and if I want I can embellish them further after I print.

I hope you get a chance to enjoy the gift of snow that God has given us today. And if not, just be sure to thank Him for the other multitude of blessings you have recieved!

Big Shot Rag Quilt

I spent this holiday weekend making a rag quilt for Christina’s dorm room. Originally it was going to be for a little girl, but my daughter liked the fabric so much, I decided to make it for her. I cut all the fabric with my Big Shot die cut machine using the scallop rectangle die. The Big Shot will cut 8 layers of fabric at once. That made it possible for me to finish this quilt in just a couple days. I am very pleased with how it turned out, but most importantly, Christina is too. I’d love to answer questions or show you how easy this is to put together if you’re interested!

Season’s Greetings!

I know it is August, but I fell in love with this card the moment I saw it in the 2010-2011 idea book & catalog. Our demonstrators group had already planned on doing a swap with a card CASEd from the new catty. I just had to duplicate this one. It took me a long time to mass produce it…so many details! But I am very pleased with the end result. Maybe its not too early to start listening to Christmas music after all…

Be Strong

We have a lady at our church who has breast cancer and is going through chemotherapy. I meant to send her a card this week, but didn’t get one in the mail. Then I saw this beautiful box “card” on Connie Tumm’s blog. I decided to make one of these for our friend instead. You can see Connie’s box here. Here are some pictures of mine.

It’s A Boy

My husband needed a gift for a coworker’s baby shower today. I made the cutest little card for this baby boy….and forgot to get a pic before he left. Ugh. Anyway, here’s a card for a little girl that is very similar. It is made with the Fast & Fun Notes stamp set. I haven’t used this set much since I got it over a year ago, but it is growing on me. I should probably challenge myself to make a card with each stamp in the set and see how creative I can be….hmmm. I’ll post what I come up with if I take myself up on that challenge. Hope you have a chance to stamp today!

For All You Do

I wanted to share this card that I made today. I love how the cute little plaid flowers turned out. Come to my next workshop & I’ll show you how to do this technique. Its been very hot this week and I have gotten to spend a lot of time in my craft room. Yay! Creating always makes me happy. It also means that I have a lot more cards to post. I’ll share more with you tomorrow.
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