Feb 10

A Blessing A Day…Day 9

Today one of my dear friends welcomed her first grandchild into this world. Is there anything sweeter than a brand new tiny baby?! We had the opportunity to visit this little angel in the hospital tonight…along with her very blessed family. Here are some pics of Olivia Brooke Wesley. (Ignore the time stamp on the pics. I didn’t realize that was turned on & my camera was charged today for the first time in a while. She really was born today and not at


This was obviously a perfect opportunity to get busy in my craft room. So after the details were passed on to me I got busy and made a little gift for Olivia and her family. Here’s what I came up with…

I know baby Olivia’s picture is just going to be precious in this frame. The blessing challenge continues tomorrow. Hope you will join me in being intentional about loving on those around you!

Feb 08

A Blessing A Day {Day 7}

Today was a double blessing. One for me and one for someone else. I had decided in the morning that I would fix spaghetti for dinner. We had some homemade sauce in the freezer so it was an easy meal to prepare…thaw/heat sauce, cook noodles. Andrew had commented that he was glad we were having spaghetti, but it was sad for Christina (since its her favorite and she would have to eat dorm food that night). Well, guess who showed up at dinner time? It almost never happens, so I was very surprised that she was home for dinner in the middle of the week. I guess my choice to fix her favorite was probably a divine whisper from God, because He knew she would be there to share it with us.
Since I don’t have a picture of our meal, or of us eating it, I am just going to post a typical happening at the Graham house. This is Kai, one of our many four legged family members.

Even our dogs enjoy crafts! Hope you are blessed today 🙂
Feb 07

A Blessing a Day {Day 6}

I got to celebrate another special friend’s birthday today. This one is my Stampin’ buddy and I made a creativity journal for her gift.

And a matching card….
She also got a paper with ideas of what to do in her journal. I am excited about starting my own. Here are some of the activities to include…
  1. In your journal, write the phrase “I am creative” 25 times. Make it look different each time you write it.
  2. Fill a page in your journal defining the “Fun” by using only images—no words.
  3. Find a magazine photo of somebody famous that you admire. Cut it out and paste it in your journal. Add a speech bubble that compliments you on your amazing creativity.
  4. Part of being creative is learning to appreciate differences and not compare yourself to others. Go outside and collect five different but beautiful leaves. Place them in your journal and list 10 ways they are different.
These are just some of the fun ideas that are listed. If you would like a copy of the complete list, let me know and I will get it to you. 🙂 Hope you are blessed today!
Feb 06

A Blessing A Day…Day 5

What a crazy weekend! We made a quick trip to the other side of the state to see our boy compete in a gym meet. Then drove back so this same son could help lead worship at church on Sunday. And finally, hosted our small group’s Super Bowl Party that evening. Instead of the televised half time show we had a birthday party for our friend Jo who celebrated her 50th…we just couldn’t ignore that.

Here’s the card I made for her. We gave it to her with a box filled with 50 Lifesavers candies.

She IS the sweetest lady and I am so happy we got to celebrate with her. 🙂
I got to stamp with friends during the game. Finished up some cards I needed for a swap tonight at our demonstrators meeting. Should be fun. And I have another sweet friend celebrating her birthday today, but those details will have to wait for the next post…
Encourage someone today with a kind word or gesture!
Feb 03

A Blessing A Day….Day 2

Today has been a busy, but productive day. Began the morning at Camp Hope for Bible Study. This is my choice for the blessing today, even though I believe that it is as much or more of a blessing for me than it is for my friends who live there. We discussed contentment and how to teach it to our kids. It was a good time of discussion and sharing.
Most of the rest of today was devoted to crafting. 🙂 I worked on several different projects. Here is one of the ones I completed. It is a card box from Stampin’ Up that I decorated with some really pretty paper (also from Stampin’ Up). If you agree with me that it is pretty, then ask me how you can get a pack of this 12X12 paper for FREE!

Sorry the first picture is so dark. My phone was plugged in, but it still informed me that the camera flash was unavailable because of the low battery…ugh.
The crafting continued this evening with a card class and some friends. It is always more fun to stamp with friends!
My journey continues tomorrow and I hope it includes mailing a fun card to someone I love 🙂 I challenge you to join me in looking for ways to bless others daily. May the Lord be glorified in it all!
Feb 02

A Blessing A Day…

February has finally arrived! I am excited about looking for ways to bless others this month. Today has been kind of a weird day. I have had very little time in my craft room. I did find time to make this card….

I don’t know yet what I’m going to do with it. I just thought it looked fun and wanted to try it. And I am very pleased with the cuteness of the end product. 🙂
As for my blessing today, it was an act of service for my family…and my country. I spent the entire morning making final adjustments and filing my 2011 federal tax return. Tax preparation is enough trouble, but since my dear hubby’s identity was stolen a few years back it is even more trouble now. I spent about 30 minutes on hold with the IRS who referred me to TurboTax to get my problem resolved. TurboTax does not want to talk with you. I couldn’t find any contact number on the site. I did, however, eventually find the information that told me where to enter the Identity Protection Pin that was mailed to us. It was lunch time before I finally efiled successfully…Praise the Lord!
I know it’s not a very exciting act for the first day of my month long challenge, but that leaves plenty of room for improvement as the month goes on. Praying you were a blessing to someone today too!
Jan 28

Friday Five

Well we made it to Friday! At least once a month I am going to start posting 5 different cards created with one stamp set. This week’s featured stamp set is Perfect Punches. Of course it is named that because each stamp coordinates with one of the punches. That makes it very easy to put a card together quickly. I also used my Big Shot and an embossing folder on each of these. Here’s what I came up with…

We are out of town this weekend for a gymnastics meet and I have had a little trouble trying to get this post uploaded, thus my Friday Five is actually on Saturday. Only 3 days until my Blessing A Day challenge for February begins. I can’t wait!

May the Lord richly bless you this weekend!

Jan 14

New Year, New Toys

Happy New Year! I know, I’m a little behind. Seems I never catch up these days. Already our year has been so busy. Andrew competed in a gym meet in St. Louis, Christina moved back into the dorm 🙁 and our last semester of homeschool is underway. I am also planning a baby shower for my friend’s daughter this weekend. All this has left me little time to play with the new Stampin’ toys I got for Christmas. Today I did manage to play a little. Here’s a card I made using stamps that are in the new Occasions Mini catalog.

This card uses the cute little gnome set along with the phrase from the “Gnomenclature” set. My kids really like gnomes, so I knew I wanted this set when I saw it. Ended up getting it FREE! How cool is that?!
Of course I have to have a card for the shower gift this weekend. I don’t make a lot of baby cards, and have enjoyed all the “baby crafts” I have done this week for the shower. Fortunately I love pink, so I didn’t tire of looking at it all week. 🙂
On Monday, Jan. 16 I will have my next card class. We’ll be playing with some more of my new toys from the Occasions Mini Catalog, including the new framelits heart dies for the Big Shot. Contact me if you have questions or need more information about this class.
Last year in February I attempted to complete a Blessing A Day challenge and blog about it. I am looking for others who want to join me in that challenge this year. Basically you look for ways to be intentional about sharing love with others each day. Some of mine were crafts last year, others were acts of service…the possibilities are endless. It was a fun way to focus on others and I am excited about getting started on that soon. Let me know if you want to join me.
This year I am also hoping to do a better job of keeping my blog updated and posting new projects each week. Perhaps you can help hold me accountable for that. 🙂
Hope each of you has a blessed weekend!
Sep 02

Move In Day 2011

This week we moved Christina into her dorm to begin her 3rd year of college. Doesn’t seem possible. This year she is getting to room with one of her bestest friends from homeschool. She and Laura have been planning this since Christina graduated 2 years ago. I didn’t get any pictures of them together on move in day (fail!), but Andrew took some of me and Christina.

This first one is just us being silly with a pillow that Laura’s sister, Shannon, made. It is a huge moustache 🙂

We had quite a time trying to figure out how to arrange all their furniture so they would still have some floor space to do P90X. What you can’t see in the picture are 2 dressers and their sink. They did end up with a tiny bit of space to work out.

Wish I had a good pic of their matching bedding. It is so cute! After I bought it Stampin’ Up announced their new In Colors for the year and I realized that most of them are on their bedding…which of course led to some crafting for their dorm room, but I think I already posted that project. Oh well, here it is again…

Missing her already, but now we get to have her home for a long weekend! Andrew and I re-started his senior year of high school because we changed curriculum at the last minute. Now all of his work is on the computer and scheduled for the whole year! Very excited about that, but of course we would discover this at the end of our homeschool career.

Stampin’ Up’s Holiday Mini Catalog became active on Sept 1. I have already recieved several of the cute Christmas stamp sets that are in that catalog. Will try to play with them and post pictures soon.

Hope you have a blessed day today!

Aug 17

So Long Summer…

A friend reminded me earlier this month that I was behind on my blog posting. (Sorry Janet!) We have had a great time this summer. In July we traveled to New York for vacation and had a BLAST! Andrew had the opportunity to participate in the Lamplighter Guild for Creative Disciplines and got to spend his week at an incredible resort in the Catskill Mountains. The rest of us explored New York (city and state) and visited the surrounding states also. Here are pictures from highlights of our trip.

Lunch with my brother, Dennis, in Pennsylvania on our way to NYC…

Seeing Spiderman on Broadway…

Mohonk Mountain House, where Andrew got to spend the week…

Niagra Falls at night…

Dinner with my family in Indiana on our way back to Arkansas…

I have so many more pics, but you’ll have to wait and look at the scrapbook to see them all.

Yesterday my baby boy turned 18! Yikes! Today we begin our final year of homeschool. I am so blessed to be able to spend so much of my day with him, he’s an amazing young man. He had been “driving” my dad’s old ’87 Ford pick up, but it wasn’t real dependable and we decided to go shopping for another vehicle for him. This is what we found…

It’s not much of a truck (which is what we had in mind), but he loves it and it is a lot of fun to drive…when he lets us 🙂 We surprised him at gym last week with a little early bday party and a new car—he was speechless. You can’t see him in this pic, because he’s inside the car.
As for crafting, I have done my share this summer and if you dared enter my craft room you could tell it by the mess I have made! My sister was here for a weekend and we played around with making some melted fabric flowers. Here’s a pic of Christina modeling it on her shirt…

I made a cute card for my mom’s bday, but put it in the mail without taking a picture—ugh! I played with a new stampin toy that just arrived at my house this week. You can come to my card class this Friday and I will let you play with it too 😉 Today I am anxiously anticipating delivery of my goodies that were preordered from the upcoming Holiday Mini Catalog. There are so many fun things in that box I can’t wait to open it! If it comes in time for me to play with it before church, I will post pics of what I come up with.