A Blessing A Day {Day 10}

As part of the body of Christ we are called to rejoice with others when they are happy and to weep with others when they are sad. My sister told me today about a man at their church who is going through a battle with cancer and a struggle to provide for his single income family since he’s currently unable to work. They are having a silent auction at the end of this month to try and raise funds for him and his family. I knew this was the perfect project for me today. I made a couple of framed items to send to her for their auction.

The first one has the fruits of the Spirit listed along with the reference in Galaltians.

The next one is a small 4X4 quilted picture. I was so pleased with the way my quilted card turned out yesterday that I just had to repeat that technique. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. It turned out so cute!

So what do you think? Would you bid on these? I am praying for this family and for the church as they support and encourage them. I hope you’ll join me. My journey continues…

A Blessing A Day {Day 9}

SNOW DAY! My friend came over and we spent the day in my craft room being creative and just having fun together. That was certainly a blessing to me. My dear hubby fixed us lunch and “delivered” it to us…another blessing. And to top it off, I got to play with some new stampin’ toys that arrived at my house last night! (Thank you UPS) So here’s what I came up with using my new toys. I’m mailing these out to some special people tomorrow, so you might see it again in your mailbox—but I’m not telling who 😉

The blessing a day journey will continue tomorrow. I am so thankful for opportunities to show others that I care. Hope you are doing the same.

A Blessing A Day ~Catching Up

I know, I know… It has been days since I’ve updated. I have been spending time creating every day in my craft room, but have neglected my blog. I’ll post several projects today and try NOT to get so far behind again.

{Day 5}

This is a gift I made for my friend Jo who’s birthday is Feb.5. I printed the verse on my computer and then dressed it up before framing it.

{Day 6}
I am so pleased with this project, but not with the pictures I took of it! Another friend celebrated her birthday on Feb.6. She has a little grandbaby named Lilly so I made this scrapbook box with a lily on the lid. With the help of her son, I printed out pics of her sweet little granddaughter and surprised her with this on her birthday. It wasn’t hard to make the inside of the box look good, of course, because of the sweet little baby pictures. Love that paper lily (and the cute little cuddly one too)! I’ll try to post some better pics later.

{Day 7}

Today I had deadlines to meet. I have been mass producing these tags and had to get them in the mail today for a swap with other demonstrators. I’m excited about the tags that I’ll be receiving next week. I’ll post some pics when they arrive.

{Day 8)

Just to change things up a bit, I’m not going to post a craft today. My blessing today was a service provided for my family—grocery shopping! Maybe you don’t get too excited about that, but these days I do. I have started participating in a program called “The Grocery Game.” If you know me, you know that I am pretty competitive. I like playing games, but I like WINNING games more! The Grocery Game is not really a competition, but I figure if I go to the store and save more money than I spent, then I WIN! You can find out more about The Grocery Game here.

A Blessing A Day {Day 4}

Today I am thinking outside the box. I spent zero time in my craft room today. It was one of those days where life happens and you just go with it. I spent the day cleaning my house, running errands and cleaning some more. We were suppose to host small group in our home, but the weather turned a little nasty and instead I spent the evening watching a movie with my family (in my nice clean house). So my blessing to others today was a pleasant family/home environment to share a snowy evening together just hanging out. What I’ll share with you is the creativity of someone else, but it is what inspired us to watch the movie we chose…

Do you recognize her? This is Edna Mode from Disney’s movie The Incredibles. She was made using Stampin’ Up punches! I am always amazed at the creativity God has blessed others with. You should check out Ellen’s blog. She is quite the punch art artist.
Check back later in the weekend and I’ll have some other fun projects to show you 🙂

A Blessing A Day {Day 3}

I have several good friends and a parent who have birthdays scattered throughout February. This weekend 2 of my very dear friends & small group members from church will be celebrating birthdays. I won’t say which one this is for so I don’t spoil the surprise. 🙂 My craft room is getting pretty messy from the card making I have been doing. I am an extremely messy stamper! But we don’t have a gym meet this weekend so I should be able to get it back in order before the Super Bowl Party here Sunday evening. I have to have it back in order by then, because I plan on stamping with a friend during the big game. I do enjoy football, and if Denver was playing I would be glued to the TV, but this year (as last) stamping wins out.
Enjoy what’s left of the week, and take time today to bless someone!

A Blessing A Day {Day 2}

I know this isn’t the warm summer card that I talked about making yesterday, but I had a friend call today for some encouragement. She has a lot of stuff going on in her life both at work and at home and was feeling overwhelmed. I made this card for her. Hope it will lift her spirits a little. And I hope the Scripture I wrote inside will lift her burden some too. You can check it out in Isaiah 43:2 and the first part of verse 3. Praying that God will continue to bring people into my path each day that I can encourage. Hope you’re doing the same. 🙂

A Blessing A Day {Day 1}

Well it is Feb. 1 and that marks the beginning of my Blessing A Day challenge. I made this card for my parents. They are both dealing with health issues right now & since I can’t reach my arms from Arkansas to Indiana, I sent them a hug in the form of a card. 🙂 Hope it brightens their day. Tomorrow I may send a card with a summer theme to my friends in Columbia, MO who are dealing with blizzard conditions! Wish I was there with you….really I do. We have rain here, but no snow 🙁

You can still join me in the quest to be a blessing to someone, somewhere everyday in Feb. I personally am commited to creating an item each day, but you can be a blessing to others with an intentionally spoken kind word, a smile shared with a stranger, or by cooking a meal for your family. The point is to focus on someone other than yourself and let them know you care. I hope you’ll join me.

Blog Update?

We are sitting in our hotel room in Kansas City, just taking it easy this morning. We loved seeing the piles of snow as we drove in last night 🙂 I am working on my blog, trying to add a gadget that will allow others to subscribe via email. Wish I was more tech savvy, maybe this wouldn’t be so frustrating. If you have suggestions let me know…

On the Road Again…

We will be leaving today for a gymnastics meet in Kansas City. Andrew competes tomorrow evening. During meet season we seem to travel every other weekend or so. It never gets old though, because we so enjoy watching our boy do his thing! Thought I would share some pictures with you from his last meet. I created this page with My Digital Studio. It took me about 20 minutes, maybe less. I know every time I use it I go on & on about how much I love it, but I do. So easy to use & with great results.

Hope you are blessed today! And if so, remember to give God the glory for it.

A Blessing A Day

February is fast approaching. Since one of the holidays we celebrate this month is associated with love, I decided to make it a theme for the entire month. I am going to make something each day to send or give away to bless someone & let them know they are loved. I could start now & be ahead of the game, but I want to challenge myself to create everyday in February. You have a couple of days to think about it, maybe you’d like to join me? If you don’t want a daily commitment, you could make it a weekly challenge. The point is to look for ways to bless others. If you decide to join me, leave a comment and let me know.
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