Its never just a card!

Its never just a card!  Last night at our Easter class I talked to everyone about using their skills to spread God’s love.  Our cards are creations of art and we share some of ourself when we share it with others.  If you are a child of God, that means you are sharing him too.  He created us as creative beings, and using our skills to the best of our ability is a way that we can honor him and serve others.  Share God’s love when you share your cards.  Pray for the recipient as you address that envelope.  Add a Scripture to encourage someone.  Do it ALL for the glory of God.

Ok, off my soapbox now.  I wanted to recap our Easter class last night.  I am so sorry if you missed it, because we had a great time together.  Here are the projects we made.  There were 4 tonight because I threw a BONUS project in for fun.  🙂

The last picture was our bonus project.  Aren’t those sweet bunny ears fun?  I hope you know though, that Easter isn’t about a bunny.  It is the celebration of our resurrected Savior, Jesus Christ.  May you experience his perfect peace this Easter season.

If you would like to have the instructions for those cute Hershey nugget bunny ears, leave a comment with your email address and I will send the pdf to you.  If you know someone who would be inspired by these projects, please share this page on Facebook!  I look forward to stamping with you soon!  Happy Easter!


Eclipse Technique for Decor

I’ve become addicted to using the Eclipse Technique for decor. I recently ordered the Large Letters Framelits (141712) just so I could play with this technique, and now I am in love! Prior to this I only had the Large Numbers Framelits, so I made a New Year’s card using the Eclipse Technique. It turned out super cute and I was hooked, but the number dies certainly limited my creativity. So, I invested in the alphabet dies too. Yes, this is a high dollar item, but oh so worth it!  I have loved everything I have used this die set for, and have only scratched the surface of the possibilities!

My first attempt at the Eclipse Technique for decor was a gift for a baby shower. Sometimes I have an idea for a project in my head and once I begin working on it, it changes to something different. But THIS project turned out exactly as I had pictured it in my head. It was all I had hoped it would be, and was relatively easy to do. This is a before and after picture of this makeover.

Eclipse Technique for Decor Eclipse Technique for Decor

Then I got this other Idea in my head. I had been “saving” this designer series paper for just the right project. (Sometimes it is so hard to make the first cut of that beautiful paper, but I am getting better at this!) . This project also turned out exactly as I had pictured it…and I LOVE it!  Plus, it only took me about 30 minutes to create. Yay!

Eclipse Technique for Decor

I cannot wait to use this technique for more projects…including Christmas cards! And, of course, I will definitely be using the Eclipse Technique for decor again soon. (I have this dinosaur idea rolling around in my head, so it will probably be next.)

I hope these projects have inspired you.  Now go create something fun!  And if you have considered investing in the Large Letter Framelits, I would definitely recommend them!

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